SPD-U Spotlight Q&A: An Entry is HOW many pages? And How Many Entries Do I Get?

So you want to enter some of your work in our SPD-U Spotlight but aren't quite sure what exactly equals an entry? We're here to clear that up!

First off, entries can come from any type of editorial design. That could be a magazine design you created or a book design. Could be a newspaper, a newsletter, a brochure or even an annual report. A yearbook counts, a zine counts ... anything that is considered a "publication" with editorial content counts. And it doesn't matter if it was part of a class or for an on-campus publication or just something you created on your own!

Read on for all the specifics on what equals an entry...

A single entry can be any of the following:
   + 1 single page 
   + a spread (2 side-by-side pages)
   + 2 or even 3 spreads (up to 6 single pages in total) from the same story 
   + up to 3 spreads or 6 single pages (or for a combination of spreads and single pages, the 
      total single page count must be 6 or less) from the same section of a publication (meaning 
      all the pages must be related in content, so for example: the same front-of-book section, 
      or the same chapter or section in a book, etc.)
   + 1 or more screen views of a website or tablet design, up to 6 in total. Could be 6 different 
      pages for the same story, or could include views that show pop-up content or scrolls, etc.

How many of these entries can you submit?

   + If you're an SPD Student Member, you can submit up to FIVE entries! All for free. Not a 
      member but have a lot of great work? Join now to get this great benefit and tons more!
   + All other non-members can submit up to THREE entries. And again, all for free!

Still confused? Email us at spdstudentoutreach@gmail.com and we'll help you out.

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