SPD-U Spotlight Q&A: What if I Can't Get My Professor to Sign My Entry Form?

SPD-U Spotlight Q&A: What if I Can't Get My Professor to Sign My Entry Form? Q.jpg
I really want to enter your SPD-U Spotlight, but I'm no longer at school and can't get my professor to physically sign my entry form. Is there a way for me to still enter despite this?

Yes! Whether you're no longer on campus or whether your professor is away on vacation, we have some allowable workarounds for getting their sign-off on your Spotlight entries. Click through for the details...

Prepare your images for entry and fill out the entry form completely aside from your professor's signature (fill it out on the computer, or fill it out by hand and then scan it in). Send the images and completed entry form to your professor. They can then write "Digital Signature" in the INSTRUCTOR'S SIGNATURE line and then they can submit your entry to us on your behalf. Please have them note this in their email to us. We must receive the entries by the Monday, June 8 deadline.

If time is super tight and you know your professor will approve your entries, you can write in "Digital Signature - Email to Come" on the INSTRUCTOR'S SIGNATURE line, then submit your images and entry form to us directly, cc-ing your professor. Then separately, have your professor/instructor reply to that email or email us directly at SPDUspotlight@gmail.com saying they give their approval of your entries. We must receive both your entry email and your professor's approval email by Monday, June 8.

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