The 2015 SPD-U Spotlight Shines on Claudia Rubin

The 2015 SPD-U Spotlight Shines on Claudia Rubin We're showcasing our 2015 SPD-U Spotlight Online Gallery Show winners this week, and we're excited to show the next Gold Medal winning entry (like the SPD professional competition, we award Gold Medals, Silver Medals, and Merit Awards).  

We'll be featuring one Gold Medal winner each day this week -- in RANDOM order, they are all equal winners -- and today we're shining the SPD-U Spotlight on Claudia Rubin. Click through for her full entry and to read a short Q&A with her...

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2015 SPD-U Spotlight Online Gallery Show :: Gold Medal Winner*
NAME:  Claudia Rubin
SCHOOL:  Syracuse University
CURREN STUDENT LEVEL:  Rising junior, graduating spring of 2017
INSTRUCTOR:  Jeff Glendenning

SPD-U: While our judges saw and judged all the entered work without any information about the pieces, we'd now love to hear what type of publication or project this piece was created for, and what your process was.
CLAUDIA:  This piece was for an assignment where we had to choose a topic of our preference and explain it through infographic design. As a print lover, I decided to make it about the benefits of print media, and put everything together in the form of an actual publication. It is titled "Why Print?". 

SPD-U: Did you learn anything about editorial design from this project that other students might benefit from?
CLAUDIA: The most important thing I learned during this project was probably that turning data into something visually interesting is harder than it looks. Before doing this, I thought infographics were a boring topic in design, but I realized that they are anything but that. Infographics actually have a big and fun role in many magazines all around the world.

SPD-U: What's your major/course of study? Do you do any extracurricular design-related activities?
CLAUDIA: I am currently a Communications Design major at Syracuse University's School of Design. Aside from that, I work in the Office of Marketing and Communications in the school, where I design and work on digital publishing. I also do photography in my spare time, and incorporate it into my work when I can.

SPD-U: What are you up to now? Do you plan to pursue a career in editorial design of any kind?
CLAUDIA: Right now I am interning at an advertising agency called JWT. I learn every day not only how to become a better designer, but a better thinker. Even though I'm not sure exactly which direction I want to take my career as a designer, editorial design is a big possibility; I love it.

Find more of Claudia's work online at:
And find her on Instagram: @clauisru

Congrats to Claudia! And come back tomorrow to see the next Gold-Medal-winning piece.

*All of our top 5 Gold Medal winners are equal winners. They are being announced in random order. Silver Medals and Merit Winners will be shown next week.

And lastly, a HUGE thanks to our 2015 judges: James Maikowski, José Reyes, Renee Rupcich, Ivylise Simones and Michael Wilson.
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