Pub Crawl 2015 Spotlight: TOUR C - Esquire and Segal Savad

Pub Crawl 2015 Spotlight: TOUR C - Esquire and Segal Savad Our 2015 Pub(lications) Crawl event is happening NEXT Friday, October 2nd here in NYC, and we're filling up fast! Our limited quantity tickets usually sell out completely, so be sure you reserve/purchase your ticket now. And remember registration ends early: midnight next Tuesday, 9/30.

To entice you to join us, we're highlighting each set of tours this week. When you register, you'll be asked for your preferences of tours, so hopefully these little spotlights will help you decide. Read on for more info on TOUR C...

Known for quality, innovation, and the ability to create buzz through their cultural influence, Esquire is defined by our wit, authoritative voice and expert instruction. Men turn to Esquire for their exceptional editorial on style, food & drink, news & culture, and women.

Check them out online:
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And get even more insight into the way they work by attending our Esquire event on Wednesday, 9/30.

Segal Savad
Segal Savad is a boutique creative studio based in New York City that partners with leading brands and Fortune 500 companies. At the Pub Crawl tour, you'll get a sneak peak of the magazine/catalog app they will be presenting this October at Adobe Max 2015 -- developed in partnership with the creative team for the luxury retailer Barneys New York. In addition, they will discuss and present their award winning magazine, NYUPhysician and touch on other projects and themes such as digital publishing.

Check them out online:

Want to meet these magazine's Design and Art Directors, Photo Editors and Designers and hear how they do what they do? Then get your ticket now! Remember, SPD Student Members are FREE but you still have to register to reserve your spot.
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