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Links We Love: Pub Crawl Edition

Links We Love: Pub Crawl Edition

Missed out on attending today's Pub(lications) Crawl event? No worries, there's tons of great stuff online to give you a peek into the working lives of your favorite magazines.

>> Wished you coulda gone on the New York Times Magazine tour? Then be sure to check out this in-depth look at their somewhat-recent redesign.

>> Envious of the Teen Vogue tour group? Check out this Q&A with Director of Photography Jennifer Pastore.

>> Wondering what the Martha Stewart Living offices are like? Check out a photo tour of their offices here and a glimpse into their September cover shoot process here. And watch this fun little video showing the process behind a shoot of one of their other publications.

>> A fan of People magazine? Check out this behind-the-scenes video behind one of their cover shoots.
Recommended Reading: Pub Crawl Fall 09 Edition

Recommended Reading: Pub Crawl Fall 09 Edition

Our Pub Crawl event registration is officially closed ... if you're lucky enough to attend, don't forget to check out these links about some of the mags we'll be touring, so you'll be better prepared with questions to ask on Thursday.

Even if you're not coming, there's a whole bunch of info out there (like these links) that will take you into-the-trenches of magazine design and creation...

+ Illustrator Alex Nabaum walks us through his process of creating an illustration for ESPN magazine (the end result shown above).

+ In an older -- but still insightful -- interview, Susan Isaak, a former photo editor at SELF magazine, talks about the photography at SELF.

+ See the work and process of W magazine in videos featuring Design Director Edward Leida's work as well as Art Director Nathalie Kirsheh's here, here and here.

+ Speaking of W, check out this interview with their photo research editor Kathryn Hurni that we mentioned in yesterday's Smart Quote post.

+ And hopefully you already checked out our post about Complex magazine's recent cover story and our post about the process Gail Anderson and SpotCo go through for their Broadway show campaigns.