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A Toast to Pub Crawl 2012!


SPD-U, our Student Outreach Committee, hosted its annual Pub(lications) Crawl event on Friday, September 28. The day was a huge success, with tours to the offices of Bloomberg Businessweek, The Huffington Post, Inked, Men's Health, People en EspaƱol, and Seventeen. Our Pub Crawl students were given their very own first-hand peek at how magazines are made, by the pros who make them. 

There are two more exciting offerings for students coming up this month from SPD-U: Design Seventeen, which is a partnership with one of our Pub Crawl hosts, and an Ask The Pros Live panel discussion. Space is very limited, so be sure to register ASAP. Meanwhile, check out some some more of our Pub Crawl tour pictures after the jump. 


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