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The iPad: "everybody needs to calm down"

Andrew Losowsky has some very smart analysis on magazines and the iPad on his blog Magtastic Blogsplosion. It's called "Why everybody needs to calm down." Read the whole thing, but his takeaway:

* "Anything gorgeous will most likely be eyewateringly expensive to produce"

* "If you're looking to make a fast buck, creating a new magazine on the iPad is not the answer"

* "Why will people pay to read your magazine app when they have the option, with no effort at all, to be on the internet, watching movies, reading books, checking email on the very same device?"

Joe Zeff on Newspapers and the iPad

Joe Zeff on Newspapers and the iPad

Illustrator / designer / smart guy Joe Zeff has a new post on his blog about newspapers and the soon-to-be Apple iPad. His bottom line: newspapers will have success if they go local and heavy on service and resources. It's good reading.

The iPad: One step forward, two steps back?

The iPad: One step forward, two steps back?

William Owen, the strategy director at UK digital design firm Made By Many, has adapted a recent presentation on the iPad that he gave to an event organized by the British Society of Magazine Editors and the Editorial Design Organisation (that's the UK version of SPD). It's called "The iPad: one step forward, two steps back?" and is one of the crispest and sharpest takes on the upcoming iPad publishing revolution that we've read.

The good news:
"The iPad's going to transform many people's experiences of computers and extend the reach of digital into homes it's never been in before...and condemn web browsers to obsolescence."

The bad news:
"It also might spin us backwards into a web of pages, paid content and idle, private consumption."

There's much more smartness and keen analysis here. This is essential reading for anyone interested in the publishing for the iPad. 

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