Part 10: Pictures from Synecdoche

Whenever we're doing a feature on a new pop culture release-- be it a movie, a record, a TV show, or game release--we always call in photo reference from the work in discussion. Often, these are just publicity stills that are handed out by the studio. Depending on the needs of the story, one or two of these shots will sometimes make their way into the finished magazine layout, sometimes they'll art a sidebar, and sometimes we simply use them as reference and choose not to print them at all. On September 2, deputy photo editor Anna Alexander requested the stills from Synecdoche. Here's what we got from the film's publicist about two hours later (I've left the WIRED photo-naming conventions on these thumbnails; 16 is for the 16th volume, 11 for the November issue, FF for "feature," Kaufman, well, you get the jist):


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