Part 5: More Shaping, More Brainstorming

Ten days after we first talked about how to shape the story, we continued the conversation.

On 8/4/08 12:18 PM, "Jason Tanz" <> wrote:
OK, I know we're still not clear on whether this Kaufman story is even happening, but I had a thought over the weekend, and wanted to run it by you.

The challenge we have is to -- as everyone chillingly says -- "raise the bar" here. The way I see it, that means explore Kaufmanian themes of how narratives and stories are constructed, how we battle self-consciousness And frailty in our pursuit of "truth", etc. But of course, this threatens to become mere meta-gimmickry pretty quick ("I'm writing a profile of Charlie Kaufman!" etc.), which will make nobody happy.

Here's what I propose: let's put everything online. I mean everything -- the pitch, my notes, our emails, marked-up galleys, full interview audio and/or transcripts, etc. We'll post it as a Web extra, or whatever, but it'll be much more -- a real behind-the-scenes look at how a feature, this feature, gets conceived, written, shaped, etc.

I think it's exciting from a journalism-and-tech POV; we're using the web to be completely candid and show how a piece goes from idea to data to completed story. But it also dovetails so nicely with the subject, in ways I probably don't need to spell out. And it'd be optional, so we wouldn't be knocking people over the head with the meta-ness of it all.

Anyway, let me know what you think. It would be a pretty intense Experience for both of us, I'm sure, but I think a potentially really interesting one.
On 8/4/08 12:20 PM, "Nancy Miller" <> wrote:
I like this idea. Is there a version of this idea that will run in the mag?

On 8/4/08 12:21 PM, "Jason Tanz" <> wrote:
Maybe we can include some elements as sidebars?

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