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What Is This?

What Is This?

These are all common elements that you can find at a hardware store or drug store.
It's also something else.
It's a bomb. And it can be brought on a commercial airline undetected.

Here at Best Life we were developing a story on how our airports post-9/11 are not much safer than before. Ripe with whistle-blowers and what not it was damn interesting...and damn scary. Searching the text for visual directions, one of the most intriguing parts was about a collection of common elements that one could easily get through security and assemble into a bomb on a commercial airliner. Much more interesting than the obligatory spooky picture of the whistle-blower in an airport, right? So we called Dan Winters.

I recently had a chance to catch Dan on the phone to talk about the project of assembling a bomb: fascintating, funny.....and terrifying.

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