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Outside's Toughest Shots

Outside's Toughest Shots

Outside's website has a great series of challenging photos and the behind-the-scenes stories from the photographers who risked life, limb and sanity to get them:
"we were driving 95 miles an hour to avoid getting swallowed by this thing"
"I blew my entire budget on a helicopter and didn't get a single photo because of poor winds... then..."
"I attempted to be smuggled through a Pakistani no-man's-land, wearing a burka, without success"
"I walked 120 miles over four days to get it"
See the shots and read the stories from Antonin Kratochvil, Camille Seaman, Chris Anderson, Christopher LaMarca, Jason Florio, Jeff Hutchens, John Huet, Joshua Paul, Mark Fisher, Matthieu Paley, Nicky Bonne, Paolo Marchesi, Philipp Engelhorn and Ryan Pyle here.

(Supercell storm photo by Camille Seaman.)
Complex: Cover Tests

Complex: Cover Tests

Tim Leong, the DD at Complex, walks us through their Oct/Nov cover:
The cover features the rap group The Clipse, who have a new album just about to drop. To make the cover really special we collaborated with KAWS, one of the biggest street artists of all time.
Gail Anderson on The Evolution of a Poster

Gail Anderson on The Evolution of a Poster

Gail Anderson, SpotCo Creative Director of Design, has a great audio slide show at The New York Times, talking through the evolution of the SpotCo campaign for the revival of Ragtime.
Definitely a must-listen as she walks us through several possible directions and the thinking behind their final choice. Always good to know about all the work that goes into making a final product, so much of which the those of us not on the project never hear about...

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