Powerful Web Photojournalism

Powerful Web Photojournalism From my pal, Jeremy LaCroix, over at CBS Interactive:

Too often, the most basic ideas get lost in online editorial in a struggle to prop up page views so sites can catch the eye of the coveted advertisers through our display of robust data points (err...page views) and not quality of the product or brand. Unfortunately, it's the viewers who lose out. (Notice I don't call them "users." How rude is that term anyway?) How many times have you said to yourself, "Yeah the Web is getting better, but I miss large-format photography and the power it wields in conveying feeling and telling a story."

Boston.com has changed this perception for me with its franchise simply titled BIG PICTURE.

Here is where a basic idea gets re-introduced: Imagine this as a blog-style display of photography, heavy on image with smart, concise captioning. No waiting for the page to refresh! Jst scroll your way through an awesome display of carefully edited, luscious photography. These photos are a whopping 990 pixels wide versus the typical 400 or so pixels often seen in contemporary slideshows.

Most editorial sites at this point in time manipulate the slideshow format so they can count a new page view / ad impression each time someone clicks through a slide. Boston.com has forgone this paradigm in favor of gorgeous photography and a rich viewer experience.

I'd love to know who in Boston.com's organization successfully argued with the bean counters to launch this incredible format for online photojournalism. It inspires me every day.

--Jeremy LaCroix, Creative Director / Lifestyles
CBS Interactive
Chow.com, UrbanBaby.com
  • Emily Smith

    Jeremy!!! I was gonna post about this! The Olympic shots from the Opening Ceremony, especially, so amazing. The tessellations of all those performers

    ( http://tinyurl.com/5u8pke ), almost more impressive in the photo shots than the live video. Definitely Favorite New Blog of the Year (ah, other than this one, of course).

    Waxy has a great interview with Alan Taylor, the creator of The Big Picture

    ( http://tinyurl.com/5ts7sb ) and it's a great look at how he curates the site and ALSO how he managed to get a pretty traditional newspaper site to open up and think about the ways they could more elegantly present these photos. And he's a web programmer who started this in his spare time! Love it.

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