Andre Jointe: Beautiful Decay

Andre Jointe: Beautiful Decay One thing that I've kept my eye on for some time now are aging and disintegrating posters. What starts out as an immaculate cinema, theater or museum poster ends up looking like a collage of different typography, colors and textures all in one from the multiple layers passer biers have torn off. Another cool aspect is that it's like an artwork collaboration of the posters' original designers, with the city locals adding their own disheveling touch.  Although they're an eyesore for some people, there is an inherent beauty that draws me to them. 

poster 007.jpg

poster 002.jpg

-- Andre Jointe, Art Director, Details
  • darrentuo

    Reverse Engineering (or) Better than Fiction:

  • LaraBehnert

    I love these, Andre! Seattle doesn't have much of the wheat paste, I miss it! Lots of band posters on telephone poles though. Thanks for a little reminder of home.

  • Brandon Kavulla

    LOVE that last one. Wow.

  • Nathalie Kirsheh

    The crops are rad. You should place a bunch of these in a grid and create a poster.

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