I WANT YOU. YEAH YOU, SEXY VARMINT I've been lover of the natural world for as long as I can recall. I mean that sincerely. I've fondled plenty a baby duck, I chose a rural home next to a reservoir, we have Mascoot Farm like, right next door, can't call me a hater. But I'm a Jersey girl by way of Northern California raised on Warner Bros cartoons, so I'm curiously drawn to the kinds of nature that've either been squashed under the wheels of a 16-wheeler or tend to wave coyly behind wide trees waiting to be shot at. In that spirit, I've been collecting old animal target posters. Found some seriously dope, vintage Sears and Roebucks paper targets in Brooklyn a few weeks ago 
and paid a stupid amount for them, I found them so irresistibly compelling. Then, in writing this blog post, I looked up good ole Ebay to see if there were more and... LO! There they were for my bidding pleasure. And likely far cheaper than I paid. I'm such a SUCKER!!!! Oh but they're cute. Go for it, I'm almost over them.

Set 1.JPG

set 2.JPG

45822.jpgHere's that fantastic Milton-Glaser-esque* turkey target again. Look how majestic... and succulent. I have a ten-pack so anyone who wants to join my demented obsession, lemme know, I'll sell ya one, cheap.

Below here, I totally get the blackbird, the squirrel and the gopher. It's the rat that I dig most. I associate them like you all do, with tenements and your other upscale Chelsea new development housing, but up here in the sticks, well. You haven't lived until you've taken down a ceiling on a fixer upper and have rat crap rain down into your open mouth. That's a little bit country, a little bit rock n' roll. So a gun target is practical, AND good graphic design. 


45788_Shotkeeper.jpgThese squirrels are just plain adorable, and so realistic. In the suburbs, there is so much road pizza, you'd think they've actually evolved with those little orange circles on their fur. Don't get me wrong: i own two terrific cats and I once rescued a baby bat and set it's wing. But until hunters stop moonlighting as talented graphic designers, I will continue to hunt down their fantastic paper targets.

*apologies to Mr.Glaser

  • dramafarmer

    Oh God, not another fascinating item that I might end up collecting! What an odd niche. Now everyone will want that circa 1973 baby pigeon target on ebay ! (I just made that up).

    The baby squirrels are just adorable. . .and suitable for framing.



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