Sucked Me Right In

Sucked Me Right In

Combining three of my many passions this afternoon, collectible mag design-tchotchke searches online, rearranging the library in my home studio and browsing for retardedly expensive art books to add to my untouched wish list, I was delighted and inspired by a discovery while reviewing Monocle magazine online, the fairly newish global affairs book-a-zine edited by Tyler Brule, former genius of our old design-freak mag Wallpaper with the tasty dessert last name [note: I would've included the umlats or accents or whatever that his name requires if I only knew how to operate a keyboard properly.] If you have not picked the magazine up oh, GO ON.  It's very, very pretty. Classy, smart, connected...likely to fold in a minute, DOH! But satisfyingly underdesigned, no pyrotechnics, just lovely & simple.
Anyway: my discovery. I say mine because I found it. Perhaps I'm the hundredth today, but the discovery is all mine, at this moment. What are you going about Andrea? Well right. It's a shop! A Monocle shop! So what? What do you MEAN so what? It's a pop-up store curated entirely by the Monocle fairies with what looks like clothing, stationary, accessories and other minimalist-designer-fetishist-fashion whore novelties lovingly laid out for some boob like me to browse thru and lust over. The reason for my post is simply to point to a trend likely to continue but one I think is something to factor in when us Creatives are asked to attend yet another top-level "ideas" meeting. The boss is under pressure to conceive of yet another revenue-garnering product that your already over-worked design team just may have to work a billion hours on.  Suggest a store! An onlline store is one thing, several of our zines already have one but usually we're hawking stuff we endorse: Monocle designs their own stuff. A book edition I'm already dying to purchase... they've launched a 3-D pop-up store (temporary by nature) that's clearly a clever way to rob the public and run away fast. Monocle Shop, when it arrives in NYC (already up in London and Brentwood CA) which is rumored to be imminent, can expect a little visit from THIS fan at any rate. It's got all the men's design-y stuff that GQ shills but with a darling little M for Monocle logo I find irresistible.




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