The OUT100: Behind the Scenes with Photo Director, Greg Garry

Out magazine's annual portfolio titled the OUT100 has showcased many influential and inspiring people over the last 20+ years.  We spoke to Out's Photo Director, Greg Garry, about this exciting issue. See below for some of Greg's favorite shots and view the whole portfolio here.

Greg Garry: The OUT100 is Out magazine’s signature issue, where we celebrate the best and brightest of the year.  This portfolio is inspiring and humbling because of the variety of LGBT people we get to feature, from all walks of life.  It’s not only celebrities, but lawyers, activists, athletes, business people, newly out trans youth, even President Obama sat for us in the White House two years ago, not too shabby.

This is my sixth time producing it, I’m a glutton for punishment.  My background in film production helps me with the unrelenting pace of photographing 100 people all over the map, usually in the space of 1.5 months, and all with one photographer, who usually have a breakdown at some point.  This year Roger Erickson shot it for us, and he kept his cool.  I think he did a great job--he can handle a variety of different styles and lighting.  Our theme and mantra this year was DEFIANCE and smash the patriarchy, but just being your authentic self is the key to every OUT100 subject’s story. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots from this year:


Photo Director: Greg Garry
Photographer: Roger Erickson
Design Director: David Gray
Styling by Michael Cook, Mark-Paul Barro or the subjects themselves
Editor-In-Chief: Aaron Hicklin