Become a Member of SPD

Becoming a member of The Society of Publication Designers, allows you to join a community of your peers. Editorial brands have evolved beyond just print. Today, publication design touches just about every medium. Our members unfold dramatic narratives on paper, tell stories on the web, bring them to you via mobile web sites and apps on a smart phone, and let you experience stories through video and virtual reality.

Please note: if there is an *asterisk beside a question, this indicates that it is required information for your membership profile. We use this information to contact you and mail out our Annuals, which is one of the many benefits an SPD membership brings.


PROFESSIONAL, INDIVIDUAL, TRI-STATE AREA: $225 for those located in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut

PROFESSIONAL, INDIVIDUAL, NON-TRI-STATE & INTERNATIONAL: $150 for those located outside of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut

CORPORATE: $200 EACH for 3 or more professionals from the same organization

STUDENT TRI-STATE AREA: $50 For those attending school in NY, NJ or CT

STUDENT NON-TRI-STATE & INTERNATIONAL: $40 for those attending school outside of NY, NJ or CT