Roman King
Previously: Art Director, Freelance
Currently: Director of Design & Marketing, Rolling Stone
New York City

Mike Schnaidt
Previously: Creative Director, Men's Health
Currently: Creative Director, Fast Company
New York City

Kelsey Stefanson
Previously: Art Director, The Hollywood Reporter
Currently: Senior Managing Art Director, The Hollywood Reporter
Los Angeles, CA

Lynne Carty
Previously: Senior Designer, MIT Technology Review
Currently: Art Director, Barron's
New York City

Joel Arbaje
Previously: Multimedia Photo Editor, Men's Health
Currently: Photo Editor, Barron's
New York City

Justin Miller
Previously: Digital Production Designer, Equinox
Currently: Digital Designer, Equinox
New York City

Faith Stafford
Previously: Senior Associate Art Director, Entertainment Weekly
Currently: Senior Art Director, Entertainment Weekly
Los Angeles, CA

Chuck Kerr
Previously: Art Director, Variety
Currently: Deputy Design Director, Entertainment Weekly
Los Angeles, CA

Susanna Hayward
Previously: Design Assistant, Esquire
Currently: Designer, Marie Claire
New York City

Frank Augugliaro
Previously: Art Director, WIRED
Currently: Deputy Design Director, WIRED
San Francisco, CA

Julia Knetzer
Previously: Associate Art Director, Fast Company
Currently: Art Director, Garden & Gun
Charleston, SC

Nathalie Kirsheh
Previously: Design Director, Freelance
Currently: Creative Director, Glamour
New York City

Robert Festino
Previously: Creative Director, Palm Springs Life and Desert Publications Inc.
Currently: Creative Director, Variety
Los Angeles, CA

Krista Prestek
Previously: Visuals Director, GQ and GQ Style
Currently: Photo Director, Apple
Cupertino, CA

Kathy Nguyen
Previously: Photo Director, The Knot
Currently: Director of Creative Production, Birchbox
New York City

Jeffrey Kurtz
Previously: Digital Art Director, GQ
Currently: Senior Digital Art Director, Bloomingdale's
New York City

Annie Chia
Previously: Photo Editor, Fast Company
Currently: Director of Photography, Barron's
New York City

Nicole Silver
Previously: Freelance,
Currently: Photo Editor, Barron's
New York City

Zak Bickel
Previously: Associate Art Director, The Atlantic
Currently: Art Director, Barron's
New York City

Neil Jamieson
Previously: Creative Director, Digital Content, ESPN
Currently: VP, Creative Director, Primacy
New York, Boston, and Connecticut

Keir Novesky
Previously: Design Director, Entertainment Weekly
Currently: Design Director, GQ
New York City

Abbey Kuster-Prokell
Previously: Design Director, Bed, Bath, & Beyond
Currently: Creative Director, Martha Stewart Living
New York City

David Moretti
Previously: Creative Director, WIRED
Currently: Associate Creative Director, Apple
Cupertino, CA

Raul Aguila
Previously: Art Director, Esquire
Currently: Design Director, Esquire
New York City

Dan Revitte
Previously: Online Creative Director, Men's Health / Rodale
Currently: Digital Creative Director, Forbes
New York City

Courtney Murphy
Previously: Creative Director, Prevention
Currently: Creative Director, Reader's Digest
New York City

Emily Kehe
Previously: Creative Director, StyleWatch
Currently: Creative Director, Real Simple
New York City

Chris Mihal
Previously: Creative Director, Variety
Currently: Design Director, Barron’s
New York City