Mike Schnaidt
Creative Director, Men's Health to Creative Director, Fast Company, New York City

Kelsey Stefanson
Art Director, The Hollywood Reporter to Senior Managing Art Director, The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles, CA

Lynne Carty
Senior Designer, MIT Technology Review to Art Director, Barron's, New York City

Joel Arbaje
Multimedia Photo Editor, Men's Health to Photo Editor, Barron's, New York City

Justin Miller
Digital Production Designer, Equinox to Digital Designer, Equinox, New York City

Faith Stafford
Senior Associate Art Director, Entertainment Weekly to Senior Art Director, Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles

Chuck Kerr
Art Director, Variety to Deputy Design Director, Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles

Susanna Hayward
Design Assistant, Esquire to Designer, Marie Claire, New York City

Frank Augugliaro
Art Director, WIRED to Deputy Design Director, WIRED, San Francisco, CA

Julia Knetzer
Associate Art Director, Fast Company to Art Director, Garden & Gun, Charleston, SC

Nathalie Kirsheh
Design Director, Freelance to Creative Director, Glamour, New York City

Robert Festino
Creative Director, Palm Springs Life and Desert Publications Inc. to Creative Director, Variety, Los Angeles

Krista Prestek
Visuals Director, GQ and GQ Style to Photo Director, Apple, Cupertino

Tim Leong
Creative Director, Entertainment Weekly to Executive Editor, Entertainment Weekly

Florian Bachleda
Creative Director, Fast Company to Creative Director, Godfrey Dadich, New York City

Thomas O'Quinn
Creative Director, O'Quinn Design to Creative Director, Thrillist, New York City

Anton Ioukhnovets
Design Director, Esquire to Creative Director, Ioukhnovets Studio, New York City

Deb Bishop
Creative Director, More to Art Director of Special Projects, The New York Times Magazine, New York City

Jeffrey Kurtz
Digital Art Director, GQ to Senior Digital Art Director, Bloomingdale's, New York City

Annie Chia
Photo Editor, Fast Company to Director of Photography, Barron's, New York City

Nicole Silver
Freelance, InStyle.com RollingStone.com to Photo Editor, Barron's, New York City

Zak Bickel
Associate Art Director, The Atlantic to Art Director, Barron's, New York City

Neil Jamieson
Creative Director, Digital Content, ESPN to VP, Creative Director, Primacy, New York, Boston, and Connecticut

Keir Novesky
Design Director, Entertainment Weekly to Design Director, GQ, New York City

Abbey Kuster-Prokell
Design Director, Bed, Bath, & Beyond to Creative Director, Martha Stewart Living, New York City

David Moretti
Creative Director, WIRED to Associate Creative Director, Apple, Cupertino

Raul Aguila
Art Director, Esquire to Design Director, Esquire, New York City

Toby Kaufmann
Photography Director, Refinery29 to Executive Photography Director, Refinery29, New York City

Dan Revitte
Online Creative Director, Men's Health / Rodale to Digital Creative Director, Forbes, New York City

Courtney Murphy
Creative Director, Prevention to Creative Director, Reader's Digest

Emily Kehe
Creative Director, StyleWatch to Creative Director, Real Simple, New York City

Chris Mihal
Creative Director, Variety to Design Director, Barron’s, New York City

Casey Stenger
Photo Director, @DuJour Media to Photo Strategy Lead / Customer Experience at Met Life, New York City

Griffin Funk
Designer, GQ, New York City to Designer, Apple, Cupertino

Andre Jointe
Art Director, GQ New York City to Senior Art Director, Apple, Cupertino