Nathalie Kirsheh, Creative Director, Allure, Glamour, and Self

Casey Stenger, Visuals Director and Producer

Digital Co-Chairs

Steve Motzenbecker, Product Design Manager, Instagram

Kristen Dudish, Executive Director, Product Design, The New York Times

Magazine of the Year Chair

Robert Newman, Creative Director, This Old House

Brand of the Year Chair

Anton Ioukhnovets, Creative Director, 30 Point

Thanks to Chris Mottalini for taking our jury photos!

photo: ari michelson

photo: ari michelson

Thanks to Ari Michelson for capturing all the great moments in our gala photo booth! Check out the album here.

Thanks to Jared Thompson & Strong Brew Productions for filming our judging weekend!

photo: tony falcone

photo: tony falcone

Check out our event photos from Tony Falcone here!