How to F*** Up a Perfectly Fine Magazine and Look Good While Trying: An Evening with David Curcurito, Design Director of Esquire & Friends

David Curcurito has helmed the visual team at Esquire for over eight years, working with editor David Granger to make it one of the most potent and smartest-looking magazines in the business. Curcurito has a gonzo design style honed at places like The Source and Complex that has given Esquire a wonderful sense of energy, vitality, and engagement.

In addition to Curcurito, Esquire art director Stravinski Pierre and photo director Mike Norseng will also join in to, as Curcurito says “give insight into what it truly takes to give Esquire its unique look and feel.”

Leading up to next Wednesday’s speakeasy, SPD will be presenting a series of Esquire page designs and images selected from Curcurito & Company’s very impressive body of work.

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