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Every art director knows that sometimes the best work you can do in a day is to assign just the right illustrator for that possibly-impossible-to-describe assignment and getting back the perfect solution. SPOT illustrations may be small in size, but they play an enormous role in the world of editorial design. Measuring no more than 5 x 6 inches, a spot much catch readers' eyes, draw them into a story, and convey complex ideas--often while competing with other visual elements on the page.

SPD is the only organization to honor these hard-working little gems with its annual SPOTs Competition. Chaired this year by Carrie Gee, Staff Editor, The New York Times and Victor Williams, International Art Director, TIME, the SPOTs Competition for the work of 2018 will be judged by a group of outstanding art directors and illustrators who all champion illustration on a daily basis. 


SooJin Buzelli, Creative Director, Strategic Insight

Leo Jung, Creative Director, The California Sunday Magazine

Deanna Lowe, Design Director, Real Simple

Alex Eben Meyer, Illustrator

Yuko Shimizu, Illustrator

Ivylise Simones, Creative Director, HuffPost

Andrew Sondern, Art Director, The New York Times