Mike Schnaidt, Creative Gun For Hire



For this week's playlist, we asked "Creative Gun For Hire," Mike Schnaidt, to put something together. Megadeth, Mastodon, and Metallica are a few of the bands that made the cut. Check out the rest of the playlist below:

Mike Schnaidt: Sorry, no LCD Soundsystem on this designer’s soundtrack. Instead, a thrashy mix to help you hammer through whatever gets in your way, whether it’s the Monday morning fog or Friday night issue close. Enjoy!

  1. Angel of Death by Slayer
  2. Heart Attack American by The Bronx
  3. Sunshine the Werewolf by The Dillinger Escape Plan
  4. Glad He Ate Her by Young Widows
  5. Not in Rivers, But in Drops by ISIS
  6. Honey Bucket by Melvins
  7. How Heavy This Axe by The Sword
  8. Take My Bones Away by Baroness
  9. Over The Wall by Testament
  10. Charlie Chaplin Routine by Whores
  11. Unretrofied by The Dillinger Escape Plan
  12. Blood and Thunder by Mastodon
  13. Curse of the Pharaohs by Mercyful Fate
  14. Valkyrie Is Dying by The Fucking Champs
  15. The Birthing by Baroness
  16. Unspoken by Kylesa
  17. Death Rides a Horse by Russian Circles
  18. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due by Megadeth
  19. Fury Whip by High On Fire
  20. Divine Intervention by Slayer
  21. The Sentinel by Judas Priest
  22. Demon Cleaner by Kyuss
  23. Isak by Baroness
  24. Wasted Years by Iron Maiden
  25. Upper Ninety by Russian Circles
  26. To Our Friends In the Great White North by Botch
  27. Around the Horn by The Bronx
  28. Frost Hammer by High On Fire
  29. Tired Climb by Kylesa
  30. Aeon by Neurosis
  31. Peace Sells by Megadeth
  32. Heavy Lies the Crown by Doomriders
  33. 21st Century Invention by Young Widows
  34. Expendable Youth by Slayer
  35. Physical Education by Animals As Leaders
  36. The Last Baron by Mastodon
  37. Jump In The Fire by Metallica
  38. Black Coffee by Black Flag
  39. White Tar by The Bronx
  40. Teeth Of A Cogwheel by Baroness
  41. Master of Fists by High On Fire
  42. Evil by Mercyful Fate
  43. Old Skin by Young Widows
  44. Dissociation by The Dillinger Escape Plan

Check out Mike's playlist on our Spotify account!