Senior Designer, HBR Magazine

Job Description: With minimal oversight and guidance, the senior designer should be able to create brand appropriate packaging and design in line with the established creative vision, for all pages and templates within the HBR magazine and its affiliated products. In addition to 6 regular issues of HBR, the senior designer will play a critical strategic role in managing the design and production of 4 single topic issue magazines (under the OnPoint brand) and the occasional SIP (Special Issue). 

Responsibilities include: 
• concept and ideation,
• stakeholder communication, 
• defining and attending meetings, 
• visual research, 
• creative assignments, 
• digital planning, 
• designing pages and templates 
• production mark ups and color correction, 
• purchasing, billing and invoicing,
• identifying, managing, directing and supporting external freelance designers 

They should have a high level of competency working in InDesign and K4 publishing software, and an ability to work with some level of proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. They should have a minimum 5+ years of print art direction and design experience, ideally at an editorially driven publication. 

The magazine senior designer should have a deep understanding of how the print creative content scales into a variety of social and digital platforms. This may include assigning (or creating) supplementary animation and video, assigning alternate versions of art, and having a deep familiarity with sizes, aspect ratios and content requirements for relevant platforms and devices. 

Data Visualization: 
The senior designer should have a working knowledge of a variety of information graphics structures, be able to discern whether or not data and the underlying message will translate visually, be able to engage in conversations regarding the relevance of data visualization in the context of a story. 

Team Culture: 
We work in a collaborative community that, at its core, is defined by a friendly, collegial and respectful approach to what we do. The right candidate will be able to work directly with editors, authors, marketing, ad sales, senior management, and all other partners within the organization in a way that is constructive and fosters an environment of good will. 

They should be able to work independently and with autonomy, while also intuitively incorporating feedback into their work. They should be able to identify priorities, manage their time wisely and make effective and relevant decisions based on an understanding of the overall business and the goals of the editorial and creative teams. 

They should care deeply about quality and execution, have the ability to make compelling arguments in support of a vision, and have the maturity to see the value in multiple solutions and multiple points of view.

Job Requirements:

  • 5 years experience as a print designer in a media and content company preferably in magazines or newspapers. 

  • Must have advanced experience in Adobe InDesign and K4 publishing software, and some competency in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Type of Job: Design

City: Boston, MA

Region: MA

Duration: Full-time

Company: Harvard Business Publishing

About Our Company: Harvard Business Review is the leading destination for smart management thinking. Through its flagship magazine, books, and digital content and tools published on, Harvard Business Review aims to provide professionals around the world with rigorous insights and best practices to help lead themselves and their organizations more effectively and to make a positive impact.

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