Associate Photo Editor on Photo Research Team, Refinery29

Job Description: 

  • Work closely with editorial team to illustrate various stories across the site for categories ranging in Entertainment, Beauty, Fashion, Global News
  • Manage R29 stock needs across every editorial category as well as assist in managing production deadlines and shoot schedules. 
  • Manage production on low touch R29 stock shoots and assist in production on larger scale stock shoots 
  • Ensure that editors are adhering to proper photo research processes across all categories  
  • Manage and update all contracts in contract management system
  • Assist Senior Photo Research Editor on larger feature photo research requests

Job Requirements:

  • Vast knowledge of photo agencies and pricing structures as well as licensing terms
  • Well versed in Photoshop and retouching techniques such as color correcting, siloing, layer masking, image sizing, and attention to fine details 
  • Ability to gain an extensive grasp on the R29 stock archive 
  • Must have a positive and engaging work ethic, positive attitude when being forward facing with superiors and coworkers.

Type of Job: Photo

City: New York

Region: Manhattan

Duration: Full-time

Company: Refinery29

About Our Company: Refinery29 is the leading digital media and entertainment company focused on women with a global audience footprint of 550 million across all platforms. Our mission is to be a catalyst for women to feel, see, and claim their power by providing optimistic and diverse creativity, storytelling, and points of view. We deliver style and substance to an audience that's highly engaged across a variety of devices and destinations, from the original video and editorial features, to live experiences and social storytelling. Please visit,, and for more information and to browse content.

Contact Name: Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez

Contact Email:

How to Apply: Please submit a resume and brief cover letter.