Design Director, Harvard Business Review Magazine

Job Description: The Magazine Design Director is a leader within our organization responsible for defining HBR’s brand in print. They are responsible for creating brand appropriate visual systems that serve as a framework for HBR content. They will lead strategy and approaches to storytelling, packaging, typography, templates, design hierarchy, color pallets, and iconography, and they will use their talents and experience assigning illustration, commissioning photography, and guiding data visualization to bring HBR content to life in visually arresting and compelling ways. 

They should be a logical thinker and a natural problem solver with the ability to imagine a variety of solutions. They should care deeply about quality and execution, have the ability to make compelling arguments in support of a vision, and have the maturity to see the value in multiple solutions and multiple points of view. 

Personality: We work in a collaborative community that, at its core, is defined by a friendly, collegial and respectful approach to what we do. The right candidate will have excellent written and verbal communication skills, be able to build relationships, accept feedback, work in a professional manner, and have an ability to advocate effectively for ideas and creative thinking throughout the company. They will be expected to work effectively with editors, authors, marketing, ad sales, senior management, and all other partners within the organization in a way that is constructive and fosters an environment of collaboration and goodwill. 

Data Visualization: Information graphics play a large role in how we tell stories and communicate to our readers. The design director should have a real passion for data visualization, an advanced understanding of a variety of information graphics techniques and the ability to discern whether or not data and the underlying message will translate visually. He/She should understand how to guide data visualization that is clear, inviting, easy to process and understand. 

Digital: The magazine design director should have a deep understanding of how the print creative content scales into a variety of social and digital platforms. This includes enhancing print assignments by including aspects of animation and video, assigning versions that will work in print and digital, managing data visualization in a way that scales to mobile devices, and having a deep familiarity with sizes, aspect ratios and content requirements for relevant platforms and devices. 

Management: As a manager, the design director will mentor and nurture talent, drive conversations around trends and best practices, communicate effectively with their team and their partners, lead by example, challenge their team to do their best work, and establish a healthy and supportive work environment. He/She should have regular and frank one on one and group conversations around performance with their team, defining his/her expectations clearly and in line with the expectations set down by the department head and company values and priorities. They will define an organizational structure and job descriptions for their team, and clearly message a path for growth or advancement as appropriate. They should be aware of their team’s role in the larger scope of the company and lead them in a way that enhances their value organizationally. They and their team should build relationships organizationally and be ambassadors for design thinking and problem solving. 

General: The design director is responsible for creating 6 regular issues of the Harvard Business Review magazine, 6 single topic issue magazines (under the OnPoint brand) and the occasional SIP (Special Issue). The volume and frequency of publications is subject to change. 

Benefits & Perks: We offer competitive salary, a comprehensive benefits package that includes a broad range of medical and dental coverage options; short and long-term disability benefits; medical/dental and dependent care flexible spending accounts; basic and contributory life insurance; retirement and savings benefits; a competitive paid time-off program, and Harvard (HBP/HU) perks. Located in Brighton Landing next to the new practice arena for the Bruins and Celtics, NB Fitness Club Facility, and Boston Landing commuter rail stop. We offer free parking, shuttle services, and discounted T Passes. Plus, early release summer Fridays!

Job Requirements: He/She should have an excellent understanding of the print process, and be able to oversee vendors, negotiate competitive rates, and manage budgets, deadlines and schedules effectively. They should have a high level of competency working in InDesign and K4 publishing software, and an ability to work with some level of proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. An ability to work in Final Cut Pro and WordPress is a plus. He/She should have 10+ years of print art direction and design experience.

Note: Please be sure to include a link to an online portfolio or work samples with your application.

Type of Job: Design

City: Brighton, MA

Region: Boston Area

Duration: Full-Time

Company: Harvard Business Review

About Our Company: Harvard Business Review (HBR) is the world’s most influential source of management ideas and an innovative multiplatform media brand. Through its flagship magazine, books, and digital content and tools published on, HBR aims to provide professionals around the world with rigorous insights and best practices to help lead themselves and their organizations more effectively and to make a positive impact.

How to Apply: